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On going saga of the not so smart smart phone :L

I am just having one of those months I think.  It seems like I am endlessly chasing my own tail – well if I had one that is.


Around and around I go – the lazy way of course lol.  This all started with the repetitive crashing of my Samsung Note 3.  I was coping with the crashes until it started to crash while I was talking to people on the phone – dam thing kept on cutting me off!

Calvin *cough* came to the rescue looked online and says online folk say clear clear untick that and stand on one leg while rebooting.  Only thing I managed to do was wipe my contacts :(.  Once that was wiped we decided “oh well nothing to lose now – factory reset time”.  This worked for just enough time for me to manage to reload just shy of half the past lost contacts, then it crashed again, while chatting to Calvin.

So back online – reading all the posts from phone masters, the ones who know all lol.  One post said try someone else’s sim, see if that is corrupt.  Swapped with Calvin 24 hours later no crash – off to get a new sim from my phone provider (not going into the story – it was painful to say the least).  WOOHOO managed to get a whole 4 days with my new sim – then CRASH good grief why does this smart phone wait until I start reloading contacts!!!!!


There are no words to how I felt about my phone at this stage!  I was almost ready to become one of the few phone less people – you know the ones that live in caves and still use smoke signals to chat!

I went from having 374 contacts in my phone to a mere EIGHT!  Years of traveling, collecting emails, mobile numbers, emails and snail mail addresses – GONE in seconds.  To say the christmas card list is going to be on the light side is laughable!  I have taken the phone to Samsung, who have reset it back to just out of the box.  Which they inform me is more than a simple factory reset.

If this doesn’t work it has to  be a hardware issue – off for 10 days for repairs – PHONELESS HELL!!!


Where’s the string and a couple of tin cans when you need them!




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