I <3 Monday's

i heart Monday’s

Even wet and cold the city has some interesting views if you look around…

2014-08-31 03.57.24
click for a larger view

Today is the first day of spring, let’s hope it starts to dry up and warm up




9 thoughts on “i heart Monday’s”

  1. I saw “the first day of spring” at the end of your post, and I had to check the post’s date. I thought, “Oh, this must be an old one.” Then it dawned on me you must be in Australia or around there. Now it’s your guys’ turn to laugh as you head into spring and summer and we face fall (which I like) and winter (which I don’t)!

    1. Yep in Auckland New Zealand now Carrie (but off to Sydney Australia tomorrow to catch up with mates) we were in the State’s for your last winter 😐 that was enough snow to last me a lifetime lol

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