Hump Day Wednesday, my life

What a lovely hump today has been – at peace with myself

Well let’s start with the “dance if your happy” news – the blog has reached over 800 followers 🙂 thats big news for me and just for that 801th person I found a dancing snoopy to celebrate with!  Can’t go that wrong with a dancing dog I say.

go baby

Then there is the fact that tomorrow I head over to Sydney Australia to catch up with some mates and relax a little before returning to university.  I am going solo, poor Calvin couldn’t swing the time off work (not enough time to sort things out).  I am trying to work out should I take my (big) camera, or just survive with my phone (samsung not an iPhone), isn’t it funny that these days the hardest thing some of us have to decide is which camera to use – or if Calvin was here “first world problems”.  While yes there are bigger issues out there, mine currently is this!  The others I will deal with later, when I take over the world and solve all problems.


Talking of issues, today as I was paying for my lunch.  I saw a older man (well into his 80’s) digging about in his bag to pay for some soup.  A mere $2.50, I eat at this Japanese place often so I have a few freebies up my sleeve.  I asked the girl at the counter if I would use them to give to the gentleman beside me.  I had soup and prawns sitting there, really being wasted on myself (see I don’t like soup that much AND I can’t bring myself to eat something that looks back at me – long story – Calvin’s fault).  This man gave me a hug told me I was an angel and god would remember this.  It was only soup.  But I was glad that if it meant that much to him, it meant a great deal to me.  I am a true believer in paying it forward.

I can’t solve the issues of the world, but I can help another person have a nice lunch for the day.

Will post again from Sydney and I hope all 801 of you are well and if you are able pay something forward, it really does make a difference to someone, if even as little as soup and prawns 🙂




4 thoughts on “What a lovely hump today has been – at peace with myself”

  1. It’s those little things that stand out–like giving soup to a stranger–and if enough people do them every day, I’d like to think it could make a big difference.

    Have fun in Sydney!

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