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Solo Mabel :(

Well Calvin dropped me off at the airport this morning to catch the red eye to Sydney Australia.  While I LOVE arriving nice and early when I am traveling, I HATE getting up before the birds to catch the plane.  WOW 3am start this morning, and I have a full day today catching up with people.  Let’s see how well these old bones handle today.

I was super excited to get into the business lounge this morning, that I didn’t even prolong the hugs and kisses good bye from Calvin – just a quick hug, kiss and dash – I was looking forward to eggs ‘n’ pancakes, while sipping a coffee and surfing the net all care of Qantas.  WELL, should have stayed with Calvin to have a Mc D’s breakfast.  All I will say is I see why they have had a record breaking loss this year.  POOR SERVICE – and that is the end of that.

I had an awesome flight (not with Qantas with Lan) this morning, even managed to get some uni work done on the flight and was able to watch the last Johnny Depp movie Transcendence.  I know everyone bashed it, saying it was a global nano like “Lawn Mower man”.


But I actually liked it.  Yes, yes I know it is not going to win any awards, but it made for a good in flight movie – and come on it’s Johnny Depp and he is SEXY as hell even with probes all over his head.  Calvin would have hated it, so just as well we didn’t go and see it at the movies.  So where was I?  Yes, poor service at the business lounge but awesome flight this morning… back on track now.

Sydney is so pretty from the air, I was going to leave this pic for my regular monday post, but I just wanted you all to see it, so I will have to find something else for Monday.

2014-09-04 05.18.54
Sydney from the air 🙂

I have til Monday to see everyone and catch up with some shopping 🙂 then back to Auckland on yet another early flight :O.

I have already had a lovely catch up lunch with a photog mate, Arthur and I am about to catch my with our Sydney family (friends) for some late night shopping, so I should sign off and get on with it.  I will try and post again in the next few days, but for now I am shutting down, chat soon 🙂


M.J (on the rare occasion without Calvin)



6 thoughts on “Solo Mabel :(”

  1. Lawn mower man was a shocking “adaptation” of the Steven King short story, and as a Hollywood flick was quite poor, but for a bit of fun Sci-Fi it was pretty good. I expect Transcendence might be similar. There are many panned Hollywood movies that I watch and think, in their context, quite enjoyable!

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