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Whirlwind weekend

Well I know I did it again, said I was just about to blog and days later … I still no post!  Whirlwind weekend is all I can say.  All my plans were sucked out the window – Calvin was offered an awesome new position at a different company (which he accepted – *poof* holidays/vacations also sucked out the window for another 12 months).



So my causal planned laid back weekend, of blogging and relaxation has been replaced with sorting things out, new suit shopping, and running here and there. Gee returning to university tomorrow might be a nice break lol.  Saying all this – still very proud of my Calvin and his achievements. Maybe I need to time manage my personal life like I do with my school schedule :O
Anyways tomorrow’s a new week, let’s “plan” for more posts…
Hope you are all well and see you back next week, where I *cough* promise I will post a tad more often.



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