Silly facts on days of the week

Silly facts about days of the week.  Yep a post about nothing really – but it might help you on pub quiz night.

Lets start with Monday, there are exactly 52 Monday’s this year (2014).  Under the rules of the Gregorian calendar, Christmas Eve falls less often on a Tuesday than any other day of the week…but Christmas Day is more often on a Tuesday than any other day except Thursday.

Also did you know that this year the first day of the year was Wednesday BUT also the last day of the year will be on Wednesday as well.


Thursday is Thor’s Day – so no more, sexy day mmmm.

Friday – arh TGIF – but also 20 years ago, the collective unconscious fear of Friday the precipitated on 13th number, the American psychologist Donald Dossey coined a special term, “Paraskavedekatriafobiya.”  Say that fast 13 times – lol. According to the results of Dossey’s research, in this day America loses $ 900 million due to decline of productivity.  Then we have the weekend.

Saturday, it rains more often on Saturday than any other day of the week – see I knew I was right lol.

Sunday – Calvin’s day of rest also no century in the Gregorian calendar starts on a Sunday, if the year is ‘XX00 or ‘XX01’.

Yep, totally useless fact about the days of the week.  Happy Tuesday everyone lol 🙂




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