Hump Day Wednesday, my life

Just one of those things I guess

Last week, was one of those weeks when you life in the real world interferes with your life in the web world.  Just one of those things I guess.  But on a good note, there isn’t long now until university if over for the year.  Less than one month of lectures to go and then only two weeks of exams.  Seems unreal that this year is nearly over, and that there is only 3 more to follow.

Arh time flies fast when you’re chasing your own tail LOL


I have decided on Calvin’s behalf, that we are long overdue for a road trip!  Which if I don’t say so myself we are!  At the end of the month is New Zealand Labour long weekend.  I have a town in mind and should have a little time spare next weekend to plan the trip.  Looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing small town New Zealand after so long away.  I can hear the virtual groans of Calvin now as he is reading over this.

I hear that there is a new Dracula movie out last Thursday… will have to see if we can fit that in as well…

So movie and road trip pending… loads to post about 🙂




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