Hump Day Wednesday, my life

when the expert has a confused look …

Currently sitting watching my windscreen getting replaced.  You know you just don’t get that feeling of confidence when there are three seriously confused looking glass repairmen standing around your (brand new) car when it is needing a windscreen replacement!  Even less when they call over for another to discuss whatever they are discussing around the front of my car :O


Let’s just hope they are discussing how awesome my little ‘Hank’ is :L.  Oh yes we got a new car.  Unsure if I told everyone?

My little Hank
My little Hank

So I was going to post about our latest weekend hobby – geocaching but I can’t seem to stop looking up at Hank, so that’s out the window – ha ha ha excuse the pun :O.  As you can see I post pretty much what would come out of my mouth – I have a very limited filtering system on board.  This can come in handy at times but also gets me into a world of trouble lol.  30 mins down… 1hr 30 to go…  Why is Hank getting a replacement you ask?  Well, if you didn’t already know – some fantastic person threw a rock off an over bridge straight onto Hanks windscreen over the weekend as we were heading out for a weekend away – poof weekend away gone poof Hanks windscreen.  Long and the short of it.  New windscreen – which is currently happening…

I can’t understand why a person would even want to throw stuff onto cars going at high speeds?  We were just plain lucky that all that needs fixing is the windscreen – see I am an awesome driver lol.  Some people really need to find better things to do with their lives other than take oxygen from others!  RANT OVER 🙂


Well, Hank is on the moved so I better sign off and see if he’s free for me to take … oh and the confused looks was due to the rain sensor not working correctly so I have to return tomorrow for them to fit another one in.

Chat Friday guys, when I should be back on track again.




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