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In 28 days…

Well, in 28 days I would have completed my first year at Auckland University as a full time *cough* mature student.  PHEW is all I can say!  I can’t believe that I have actually gotten this far!  I still check my emails every now and then for an email saying: “Oops, our bad we let you in by mistake – off you go!”

Either way in 28 days I will have finished and be waiting with bated breath to see if I have past my finals!  When I started I had the intentions of becoming a lawyer, something I have always (thought) that I wanted to do.  But after doing my pre-law papers I am currently uncertain that I even want to follow on with the second stage. I have a little time after exams to thing about which path I should take in my second year (thank god!).


While I am thinking about which path to take I have decided that in 28 days I am going to once again take on the 30 challenge of writing a post everyday for 30 days.  I did once before AGES ago on another blog (which is long gone now) and really enjoyed the challenge of posting everyday.  I actually found it to be very useful and helped me with blogging in the future.  For me the more I post the easier it gets.  I’m not going to have any set guidelines, simply just post once a day for 30 days.  You should try it sometime.  OH and if you do – please let me know so I can keep my eye out for your posts and then at the end of the 30 days let me know if you liked it as much as I did.

Well, better sign off and head to my next lecture – Politics.  NOW there is a class that Calvin NEVER dreamt I would have taken!

Chat tomorrow, about my plans for my uni summer break – all 3 months of it!



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