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107 days of Summer

I have a massive 107 days off before returning to university next year from the 14th November.  Shocking amount of time off don’t you think!  YOU would think that they would make the breaks shorter to get the degrees over with faster!  I know that I can take a summer school paper but I don’t like the idea of stuffing 12 wks in to a mere 6 so, out the window that goes.


By Xmas eve I will know if I was successful or not getting into stage two law (IF I have decided to go down that path), so I can then start getting my course books and start getting some of the reading done.  But that won’t take up the total time off!

What else can I do?  I have decided to explore Auckland by foot – yes me and walking normally doesn’t mix well.  Very much like oil and water.  But it really is the best way to see a place.  I am going to get back into my photography and actually editing the images and even popping them up here –  shocking I know!  But an awesome way for adding to material for future posts.


Plus I have the 30 day challenge, where I am posting every day for 30 days (that I wrote about yesterday) to do during my time off.  I have actually started planning what I hope to post about already.  Every time an idea pops into my head I quickly note it down somewhere – does come in handy that I actually carry a pen and little notebook with me most of the times.  I also want to get to reading everyone else’s posts as well.  Be nice to have some spare time to take in what everyone else has been up to for a change.


SO there are my intentions – walk, photograph, blog, read and catch up with people and blogs that I follow.  Think that I should be able to fit everything in?

Anyway TGIF and I can’t believe that there is only one more week of lectures before exam time – how fast has semester 2 gone!




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