my life

Poor Hank :(

Our car Hank, as some of you know had a windscreen replacement after only three months from rolling out of the factory. A rock fell from nowhere, well off an over bridge while we were travelling at 100k/hr down the motorway (heading out of Auckland). Straight on to Hank – BANG!

Yep two cracks right across Hanks shinny three month old windscreen.   It happens, just wish not to my Hank, but thankfully neither Calvin nor myself were hurt and no other damage to Hank…

Few days later, I’m picking up Hank with a beautifully clear new windscreen. Hank has a setting for auto wipers and auto lights, the next morning on my way to university I noticed that the glass place had changed my settings. Being mildly O.C.Dish (well as Calvin claims) I had to reset back to the way I liked Hank to be set up. BANG. Window wipers won’t stop and Hanks driving lights are flashing on and off. OK? Back to the glass place we go…

“Not to worry Mrs. Calvin the wipers computer must need to be reset by the manufacturer”

So off to the see the car dealership that we brought Hank from – two weeks for them to even look at poor Hank! Two weeks of driving around with my wipers wiping and my lights flashing – JOY!!!! I took the next booking and walked out head hung low – poor Hank. Calvin on the other hand decided that wasn’t true customer care and called the General Manager to have a word at the lack of service support that they provide after the sell had been finish with. Needless to say Hank was in for a going over the very next day – you have to love Calvin at times!

One would think this is the end of my story – oh how so wrong one would be lol. Window repair place when refitting the rain sensor blew the computer that deals with the wipers and yes the lights as well! SO off I go in a loaner car until a new computer arrives in a few days – sigh

Monday afternoon I head off to pick Hank (baby) back up. Only to drive off and the wipers start back up after adjusting my rear vision mirror OH GOOD GRIEF.


One little rock started all this, now I am back sitting in the dealers service waiting room. While poor Hank is being pawed over – I just hope that it’s not (another) new computer and just an over sensitive calibration. Oh well at least the coffee machine is working.



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