Believe it or NOT!

Today (Thursday 23rd Oct) is my 2nd to last day of my first year at Auckland University and so far so good, I have actually passed everything.  Well, I still have 4 exams to get over with, but so far so good.  HEADS UP the next 2 weeks I will be super quiet.  Most likely only posting my regular Monday photo post only.  I will be, once again chained to a desk in the corner somewhere only freed for exams and the odd restroom break.


Feel for me yet?  No, ok :P.  What ever happens I have had an interesting year at Auckland University.  I have not only stepped outside of my box, but broken down the walls and attempted many courses that I really didn’t think to be in my range of knowledge (AND SO FAR PASSED).

I have met some really nice younglings that have managed to change my view on most of the youth of today.  One a kind hearted girl from Hamilton that I wish all the best for in the future and hope that she does reach her dreams and another that I just wish she accepts that she really is a very bright girl she just needs to stop doubting herself and her work.

Ok enough of that huggy feely stuff LoL.


November is coming up fast, once the exams are over with I will start my 30-day-post-a-day challenge, be getting out and about in Auckland AND spending 5 super relaxing days with my 18 year old niece in Fiji (Calvin-free Fiji as well).  So better sign off and head down for my 2nd to last Politics lecture for 2014.

Will try and post again tomorrow 🙂





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