30 Day Challenge, Blogging

And it begins

Day One…

… Of a few things actually, to start with today is ‘day one’ of my 30 day challenge – to upload post a day from today for 30 days.  Also day one of my university holidays – 107 days of summer or the start of my insanity both may happen at the same time but I will keep you posted on that one.


So the plan is that while I am off I am going to get back into exploring, getting out there taking photos and taking it all in again.  Things that I have really put to the side while completing my 1st year at university (as an oldie).  Yesterday, I randomly jumped in the car and ended up two and a something hours out of Auckland, on the coastal town of Waihi Beach.  Beautiful little spot, and not a soul on the beach with me other than the gulls flying around to see if I had something of interest.  Then as I was heading back up home, I stopped at a look out only to bump into an old navy mate of Calvin’s, LOVE the randomness.  Also stopping into 2 old school mates place that they have just brought to fix up.

2014-11-14 19.56.51

They have brought this awesome historical house that they have plans of restoring to its former glory.  Really looking forward to popping back down over the years to see how they are getting along.  So glad I managed to pop in at the early stages – as in the moving in stage.

So this is todays post.  The first post of the challenge and most likely one of the hardest.  But I have been making a list of topics since I decided to start this, so it shouldn’t be too hard.  Till tomorrow people’s





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