30 Day Challenge

The Double Barrel Tour

In Australia I had a sort of travel theme running, where we would visit places that had those giant tourist things – such as the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour.  New Zealand is not all that big on the big things and it would not take that long for us to tick then off my list with the small amount that they do have, so I have decided a new theme is required.


Of all things I came up with the idea to visit places with ‘Double-Barrel Names’, like Matamata which in recent times is otherwise known as Hobbiton.  New Zealand is FULL of small out of the way towns with double barrel names.  It should take as years to complete this wish list!  AND what is awesome is that it is not restricted to just New Zealand.  With a nice open ended theme we can tick off places all over the world – OH I can hear the *moans* as Calvin reads this post – HI HONEY *waves*.

Now what is also a bonus with a theme like this, since it is so endless, it can be my lifetime list.  One that I can ever so causally tick places off, not in any rush or bolting out the door to get all done as fast as I can, oh the joy of it.

Woman looking up directions in a roadmap

So I just brought one of those old fashioned road atlas, yes they still print AND sell them to my surprise lol.  I am going to slowly search every square inch of this book, noting down all the double barrels names in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand and start to list then hopefully, cross them off.  Each time we visit one I be will sure to post here and update you all.

Oh the pleasure of being able to join two of my favourite things in the world – road trips and lists AND I get to combine them *SQUEAL*

With that I am off for our monthly Calvin Family breakfast – chat to tomorrow guys



Day 2 of 30…


Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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