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Dear self

Dear self,

Wish you were here, we are having such a wonderful time…

2014-11-16 19.15.50

Yep when we go away I not only send postcards to friends BUT to ourselves – why should our friends be the only ones getting words of joy sent from our travels.  Nothing beats returning home to find a box full of joy and reminders of where we have just been!  You should try it sometime, see the joy you get from it – bet you post one to yourself again though.

Like the one above is all about our trip to Roswell NM in the USA.  No big story on the back BUT as soon as I look at the card, it all floods back to me.  The snow storm we drove through to get there, the stone chipped windscreen from something that was flicked up from the state trooper we were following on the highway, and who could forget the museum in town :O WOW!!! Who needs to flick through pages of photos in an album, all you need is someone else photo and a short random sentence to yourself on the back.

I have an old school shoe box that I am trying to fill up with not only cards from our mates but from ourselves as well.

Yes, I am odd, but you get use to this over time 🙂



Day 4 of 30…


5 thoughts on “Dear self”

  1. Love it! Glad you’re an inner-adventurer, too.

    This is a great way to document your travels; I figured out long, long ago that while I value taking the occasional photo of friends and relatives on my travels, and always enjoy taking photos of random things that interest me, if I want really good mementos of anything reasonably well known from those trips, I leave it to the pros who shoot postcards and publish books. They have far more patience, sophisticated equipment, and multiple trips to the sites (not to mention access to cooler views, like from cliff-tops, locked towers, and helicopters) than I’ll ever have, and I can spend my energies and time on enjoying the place I’m at instead of trying to get a more exciting photograph of it.

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