30 Day Challenge, my life

The Russian v The kiwi

The Russian WON.  Yesterday, I had a personal training session with an ex Russian army chick, it is part of the package at my new gym (five PT sessions thrown in).  This is my third, so far I have had a different person each time – no biggie to me they are free.  Well, yesterday I found out that the others have either been taking it easy with me OR they suck; either way today I am feeling for it!


Olga – no I kid you not that was her name for REAL, has given me a new program for me to do – the one the other guy made for me she says in a thick eastern block accent “you want to stay thick?  do this… you want to thin?  DO THESE.  I don’t want to stay thick!!!  SO from now on I will be doing her program 🙂 all in the plan to becoming a fluffy cute gym bunny – well maybe not but at least not thick lol!

gym bunny

I am not however completely mad, and after yesterday’s gym workout then (insanely) deciding that I was some crazy fit person, by also mowing the lawn straight after the gym session, my body is SCREAMING for a day off.  So I am, and I have a lunch date with a old co-worker of mine.

HAPPPY HUMP day peoples, see you tomorrow




5 of 30…


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