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What started it for you?

So last night I started to re-watch the box set of “Sex in the City”.  For me, what started me wanting to blog about stuff, yeah I know it’s about four single women and their love crises (french for a load of crisis) but I loved that fact that they exposed how women talked about life and sex, not just love and for a change showing what women REALLY talked about when men weren’t in ear-shot.


The first few episodes while not the best acting or scripts to that fact, but at least we know they did improve along the way (well the storyline got juicier at least) AND I have to say it really was the monologues that got me.  I LOVED THEM from the start and really that was what persuaded me to watch the show every week and see both the movies – shocking yes I know.

ANYWAY there was weekly eye candy, it does not hurt to have eye candy like Mr. Big.  Have to say Mr Big candied up a stack more by disk 2, first episode not so much but later YUM-O and more my style, he really found himself after a few episodes.


While I was lying in bed watching the 3rd episode it got me to thinking – hey this is where I started wanting to blog stuff, at that stage merely a thought, a pipe dream for later – when there was time HA!  So this series planted the seed and then years later I saw a flick at the movies and well, it pretty much tipped me over the edge – the movie was Julie and Julia (which now I have talked about it I’m going to have to find the time to watch again).  Anyway, as soon as we arrived home from the movie I was online  creating my very first blog (which is now long gone) and really I haven’t stopped since.

So what did it for you?  Have you, like me always journaled so it didn’t take much to shift you to the online world?  Or one day you awoke and decided you needed your voice to be heard?  Let me know – I love hearing peoples stories.  They make a person and (I say) the more stories the better!

Anyway I better go and check the chocolate cup cakes and red velvet cake I am currently baking for Calvin to take to work tomorrow – I am such a wonderful wife lol – chat tomorrow.



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5 thoughts on “What started it for you?”

  1. I started blogging to promote my first book, ‘Crossing The Line’ and I was scared to death. I kept reading that you had to blog to promote. It seems its not as hard as I thought it would be. Now I love it and my WordPress reader is the first thing I go to every morning.

    1. I hear you Elle. Scary feeling opening up to anyone and everyone, hoping that there isn’t a troll around the corner or that someone will think your stupid because of something you upload. Awesome that you took that step, and welcome to my little cyber spot. Looking forward to reading your posts and hope to see you back soon 🙂

  2. I started blogging not long after I started playing at photographer, it seemed a shame to just save the photos on a hard drive, much more fun to share them. 🙂
    The camera was a ploy to try to save memories of some of the things I’ve seen and places I’ve been so I thought, hey ho, why not put those out there too. 😀

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