30 Day Challenge, my life

Mmmm lunch for schmucks?

So have I just been invited to um, well, a lunch for schmucks?  See the other day I popped into Calvin’s office, long story short I ended up being invited to lunch with Calvin’s boss and a few others (yes including Calvin lol).


Anyway I always seem to have a funny story to tell, or adventure to share, and people want to hear them as they always ask me to share, but is that considered a ‘schmuck’?  Yeah ok, I am little unusual and at times have been known to lye down on the side of the road to take a level eye close up view of road kill but HECK even I have to say that I draw the line at picking up the road kill and making them into some odd diorama later ON!  :O.


So last night just before falling asleep my inner monologue (or my little monkey as Calvin likes to call it) started discussing whether am I that odd in a ‘schmuck’ way sorta person or am I that person people just like to have around them?  By the end of the conversion between me and my little monkey we decided that I am just that kinda person that people like to have about them.  If people see me as a schmuck its there loss not mine.  So I am off to get ready for my lunch with Calvin’s firm.  Chat tomorrow peoples – one week down three weeks to go.



7 of 30…


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