30 Day Challenge, my life

Just like that and it’s gone!

Don’t you just hate it what you have an awesome post in your head while you are out and about, then sit down once your back home and *POOF* gone!  Well thats just what has happened to me.  Had an awesome idea in my head – all worked out while I was sitting “listening” to Calvin talk about work over a coffee.  Came home, was side tracked with sorting our travel insurance for the trip to Fiji on Thursday and by the time I logged in to here GONE.


Hate that!

Hopefully it will pop back into my head later.  At least everything is set to go for mine and my nieces little adventure this coming Thursday – 5 restful days poolside in Fiji :).  Let’s see how well I go with posting every day while on holidays!  Ah yes I like a challenge.

So short and sweet one today – as, well I have no idea what to post about, since my AWESOME AMAZING post that I had has somehow been locked away within my head :/ and I have forgotten the access code (again).

Till tomorrow peoples, where either I have yet another amazing idea for another post, or I have remembered the access code and unlocked the one I just forgot.



8 of 30…


4 thoughts on “Just like that and it’s gone!”

  1. Awesome image. And sorry you forgot. It probably would have won you the Pulitzer of blogging. Sometimes I think, “I gotta go to the kitchen.” Then, once I’m there, “Why did I come here again? Oh, well.” 🙂

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