30 Day Challenge

Awesome day :)

This morning I woke up with feelings of taking a road trip… poor Calvin.  So up and off we went, awesome drive I have to add as well.  Managed to tick off not one but two double barrel town names – Matamata and Ramarama SWEET!

2014-11-23 04.12.14

But you will have to wait til Tuesday to hear all about our mini adventure, as its late here and my trusty laptop only has 5% left and I think the charger is downstairs :(.  Tomorrows post will be my usual I ❤ Monday post.  Anyway better upload before I can’t and end up missing a day.  Til tomorrow peoples :).

Only 4 days til Fiji YAY!



9 of 30…

Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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