30 Day Challenge, my life

You have entered the Twilight Zone – well maybe not?

So the other night when Calvin and myself had just settled into bed “someones” electronic device sounded off, you know a tone that lets you know that something just has arrived.  Since it was normally me that forgets to turn my phone onto silent I jumped up and went to where we charge up all our goodies – not one thing wasn’t on silent?  OKKKKK.  Did we both “hear” the tone?  Were we having a couples insane moment?

Or had we entered the twilight zone?


Not thinking anything more on it, I returned to bed and had a restful sleep.  In the morning, all has returned to normal, as Calvin left for work as he always does he passes me my phone for me to read and reply to messages that have come in over night.  Keep in mind my phone is still on silent.  So as I do most mornings, I’m lying in bed playing candy crush before getting up for the day and the DAM tone sounds off again.  NOPE not my phone its still on silent.  Thinking that silly Calvin has left his phone behind I jump back out of bed to check, as I will have to race off to his office to give him his phone if he has left it behind.  NOPE only item sitting there was my turned off laptop and nothing else!

OK has someone planted a sound box timed to go over to mess with me?  Where the HELL is this random phone sound coming from!  After turning over the whole dressing table up (where we charge everything up) and not finding anything, I am none the wiser.  Again giving up thinking I must be just hearing things I return to my intensive candy crush game, within five minutes of returning to bed off the sound goes again!


I decided the only way to solve this problem was to completely turn our room upside down and find said tone.  An hour later, our room looks like Hurricane Mabel has been through it and I STILL CAN NOT FIND WHERE THIS DAM SOUND IS COMING FROM!  Just as I was giving up and about to try and put everything back in its place.  Calvin calls – he has left his ipad on his night stand and wanted me to plug it in to charge.  MMMMM surely not?

no way sign

YEP – I had picked his ipad up at least 3 times in my search for the tone and didn’t even think that it was his ipad.  HE never has any of this devices on full volume!  I may have to harm him later on this evening – but then again I do need him to take my niece and myself to the airport in a few days.


Day 11 of 30…


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