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Hello Mr Tourist…

This isn’t my 1st time to Fiji, and I am under no illusions in relation to tourist prices – your on holiday you expect to be overcharged.  But I have to say things have CHANGED massively since I was last in Fiji and the colour of money is quickly changing this beautiful pacific paradise.  For example the last time I was here a few years back –  the bus that went between the hotels was free – no more now $8 a day.  My wine I am currently slipping while typing this up is a massive $18 (for half a glass) and yesterdays lunch :O for 2 – $135 (for 2 salads 1 side of fries and 2 wines).

What really makes me sad is that the money they are ripping people off with isn’t being past to the people working in the hotels or tourist attractions as the minimum hourly rate in Fiji is a mere $2.00 as of Jan 1 2014.  I find this shocking and sad at the same time.


When my niece and I were being transported by private car to our Island resort we past 2 or 3 local villages, all basic housing all run down, hardly any footpaths/walkways that weren’t dirt tracks, but still all happy friendly faces.  You knew when you had left the real Fiji and entered the holiday side of Fiji.  All shiny and green, beautiful flowering trees and white spotlessly cleaned concrete paths for guest to walk on.

We don’t normally do the tourist thing.  We are normally with the locals taking in the real country, but this time I have my niece with me so I am taking the normal tourist route to ease her into things.  The way Calvin and I normally trip around isn’t for everyone.  Even staying in one place for longer than 2 to 3 days is very VERY rare for us, pretty sure by day 4 I will be antsy lol so we may have to catch the local bus into town for a look around the local markets and road side food stalls for meals.

But we are having fun tanning drinking poolside and eating all the wonderful fresh fruits.  Till tomorrow peoples.




Day 15 of 30…

3 thoughts on “Hello Mr Tourist…”

  1. It sounds marvelous, Henry hath not been to this place yet. However, Henry vows to you now, to one day, go to this tropical garden and be happily over charged for everything.
    Good post,

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