30 Day Challenge, my life

not like it use to be :O

Im sitting here by the pool looking about at all the people (including myself) that are connected to some form of the internet or communication – while looking about all I can think of is that it is not like it use to be.  Then I mentally slap myself as I can know I am about to say my dads fav saying “back in my day…”


But it’s true we generally only disconnect when we have no signal or our devices go flat (god forbid)!  Even when I have gone online on the rare occasion, I quickly have a game of candy crush or take a snap on my phone.  Remembering the last time I was here not one person even had a camera phone and all that was beside a person at the pool was a towel a book and a cool cocktail.  Nowadays people mostly read their books from their iPads or don’t read at all unless its a post from Facebook or Twitter!

It got me thinking, are we now people that physically can’t disconnect from our working world?  Are these devices the adult replacement of our infant dummies or blankies?  Do we just feel more comfortable with our devices what ever they are besides us?  And what will the future adults be like since some nowadays only ever use their devices for everything :O

Oh what depressing thoughts while being poolside!  Right I am going to disconnect for now and actually pick up my old fashioned paperback book and sip on my cool cocktail while reading my book – ALL DEVICES TURNED OFF!!!


Till tomorrow folks – disconnect for awhile and take in the fresh air from the real world (device free).  But be sure to return tomorrow lol you can only disconnect for so long 🙂



day 16 of 30…


Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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