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And life continues…

Don’t you just love it, how when you return from being on vacation the very next morning life has quickly returned to normal.  The washing is there waiting for you with open arms, the pets still need food and water AND oh look the family have left a sign of their love for you by leaving the breakfast dishes after they all leave for their working day :).

pile of clothes

Actually I don’t mind, the quicker I snap out of vaca mode the better.  Unpack, store the suitcases, find places for all the *cough* ‘priceless’ artefacts (HA HA HA HA) you have returned with.  To me its just a way to close off the enjoyment of the time away.

SO today that is exactly what I am going to do, reset myself back into normal (well to as normal as I can be).  I have to get back to the gym, sort out the house and go food shopping.  Over the next few days I have planned to post all about our trip to Fiji – and tomorrow’s post will be about my niece and I’s day on what we renamed “Survivor Island”, then start planning the next adventure HECK I may even try to get about to working on some images that I have taken over the last year (or three)!

Oh and all my grades are in as of yesterday – PASSED my 1st year of university B average student – not bad for an oldie who hasn’t been in school in over 2 decades if you ask me!



Day 19 of 30…


3 thoughts on “And life continues…”

    1. 1st nite back with my trusty comfy pillow – ohhhh the joy
      But I am a little odd 😉😂 so it could explain why the going and the returning are as just as enjoyable for me 😆

      Coming back to finding out I had passed does help 🙌

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