30 Day Challenge, Blogging

So there is a spider walking over my skull

Yep you read that title correctly, I am currently sitting on our bed looking out the window trying to think what to post today, when I look over to the bedside table which oddly enough has a skull on it.  To my shock and horror there is a spider (not shocked about the skull I have had it for years – I actually have 2 or 3) but back to the spider it ever so causally walks over the top of his head and disappears into his eye socket.  All thoughts of posts disappear as did the spider.


So again I find myself sitting on our bed looking out the window then quickly looking back to the skull to make sure the spider isn’t planning some kind of surprise attack then back out the window again – still no post coming to me – quick back to the spider – nope not there.

As you can see from the fact that I am typing it is not blogger’s block – just topic block.  But the sea breeze is fresh and the sun is cool behind the evening clouds so I remain sitting looking and trying to just think up a topic to post about.

Then I look up at my laptops screen to discover that my endless inner monologue has actually autopilot a post which just happens to be about totally nothing other than my rumblings – I decide I will just run with it.  Can’t force a good post out of nothing, it just doesn’t work for me – heart not there neither is the post.


So till tomorrow people by then I am sure I will have something to post about – unless the spider returns …



Day 21 of 30…


Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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