30 Day Challenge, my life

May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest…

Stage two – after the holiday ends.  I don’t get sun burnt often, I can count the number of times on one hand to that matter!  So the whole experience of the sun burn peel is something that I am not that custom too, and after this I plan to not have this experience again.

OMG!!!!! My back is peeling and itchy all at the same time AND out of reach of my trusty nails – Calvin, being all that is EVIL will only scratch my itch on the odd chance mostly for trade of services, such as a foot rub or a cup of tea.  Since I mostly cannot reach the peeling fresh of my decaying sun burnt skin my back and the itch is driving me NUTS.

I feel as if I have been cursed by someone with the itch of a 1000 fleas – just not in my crotch THANK GOD! fleas


I don’t know how fair skinned people handle this it is BEYOND belief and enough to drive a person to kill someone – Calvin does come to mind – being that he is being evil and all – it could make for a good defence given to the ‘right’ lawyer!

Moral of the post I guess – slip – slop – slap and cover up people!



Day 23 of 30…


2 thoughts on “May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest…”

  1. Yikes that sounds awful! I am a fair-skinned person and by fair I mean vampire lovers are drawn to me (doesn’t help that I have fangs and a thick mane of reddish hair). I will never tan, I don’t get burnt very often though. For one I avoid the peek hours when the sun is at its most vicious (I prefer mornings myself), secondly I use sunscreen when I know that I will be out for several hours and I reapply it periodically if I plan to be getting in and out of the water (since water plus sun is the biggest problem for me). But most importantly I eat tomatoes, they contain lycopene and it is great natural sun protection. If I have been eating a healthy dose and I accidentally forget the sunscreen I don’t have any problems honestly. Now I am in Sweden so it is barely an issue (sun, what sun?) but I used to live in North Carolina where I had to be significantly more cautious.

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