30 Day Challenge, my life

So did you notice?

Well, did you?  Yesterday I missed a post :O purely due to the fact that I had/have an upset tum which in turn made me feel totally uninterested in everything to do with life outside my bathroom :(.  Tum still upset but life has to go on, and hiding in the bathroom isn’t going to make me feel any better now is it!


BUT upwards and onwards I will just continue as if yesterday didn’t happen. Only five more posts to go until the end of the challenge, it actually went by fast and hasn’t been that hard to complete, other than this last week.

Oh and I haven’t learnt from my 30 day challenge, as I have decided to start a 365 project on New Year’s Day.  NO NOT A BLOG project – I’m not that insane!  But more tomorrow where I will explain all 🙂

Tomorrow is a new day – chat tomorrow people; where I hope to be 100% or at least 90% better.


Day *cough* 25 of 30…


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