30 Day Challenge

Whats next?

Well, the end of the 30 day post challenge is near, what will I do next?  OK let’s go that next step and go full hog 365 days!  OH YEAH ANOTHER PHOTO PROJECT BABY –  :O BUT not to stress I will also continue to blog as well 🙂

2014-12-10 22.23.20
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Yep, on the 1st January I am going to yet again start another daily project, this time taking a photo a day.  I started this project last year, but sadly didn’t finish.  Main reason for not finishing was from where I was posting (e.g. Facebook) a few people got nasty that I was posting a photo a day and let me know it.  So in the end I just stopped taking the photos.


This time round I am only going to upload onto our instagram account and no where else even if people ask me to also upload to other places (like they did the last time).  Once again NO RULES, just that I upload a photo a day.  Can be of anything/place/one just as long as I upload a photo a day 🙂

If you want to follow this project search for MabelandCalvin on instagram and let me know in the comments so I know to follow you back :).

Heck maybe even join me with this project AND make sure you let me know I would love to follow your daily photos where ever you are and what ever you decide to photograph!



Day 26 of 30…


9 thoughts on “Whats next?”

  1. I do #fmsphotoaday on Instagram — I’m jolenemottern 🙂 Sometimes I miss a day, and sometimes I post a bunch at once. I’m pretty lazy about social media, but I do love looking at all the things!

  2. Sounds like a great project … but I’m still appalled that you got grief from people for posting a photo a day on FB. What kind of “friends” are they???
    In spite of some mind-numbing stuff I see posted every day on FB, I would never even think to criticize someone for it – especially my friends/family.
    Good luck with your project. Hope you have loads of fun with it .. and ignore the nay-sayers 🙂

    1. What’s funnier Joanne is that it was an uncle and all they post is lame sayings and quotes from other people – go figure 😕 but I agree I never give anyone else grief out if respect for them not what they post. But thanks for they kind words and happy new year 😊

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