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Come on REALLY? No I mean it REAALLLLY?!

How come every time I make plans to head up North to take a ferry trip the weather guys issues warnings!  COME ON WEATHER MAN get with the program!  It is not easy to get Calvin to agree to random roadies these days!  I am just hoping that as usual they get it totally wrong and its the weekend afterwards – trust me every time they have issued a warning – I call the trip off and the weather is amazing and I am sitting looking out the window at the sun and dreaming up ways to inflict intense PAIN on the weather man!


Like for example today was said to be a nice clear day – WRONG it’s raining and overcast!  You would think that with the amount of technology we have they would be able to get the weather kinda right – heck we can fly a man to the moon and robot car to mars but can’t tell us if its going to be sunny or cloudy on our own planet!  And how come they still have their jobs?  When a person is wrong as many times as they are SURELY they would be inline for the boot!  What a job either way if your correct or incorrect your job is not on the line!

good doggie
good doggie

Therefore I have decided to take with roadie, that I have put off not once, not twice BUT three times beforehand and we are going to head off up the North Coast tomorrow morning with my beloved!  HECK I have an SUV and actually HAVE driven in meter high floods, snow drifts and off road bogs.  I am sure I can handle a little frigging gale warning with batches of heavy rain :/.  Lets just hope that this is one of the times Calvin is way too busy to read this post (as he sometimes is) and has no idea that I have any idea that warnings have been issues.  If you don’t hear from me tomorrow or on Sunday you have my reasons in advance – we are most like sitting on top of the car waiting to be rescued.  OPPS

Chat tomorrow (hopefully dry and happy from our adventures)


Day 27 of 30


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