30 Day Challenge

I was nearly right

I was nearly right that the weather man was full of BS.  He was out by a whole day 😛

Though we didn’t take the ferry trip up North, it was nothing to do with his pending prediction of weather doom!  It was negotiated to another weekend – a long weekend so we could enjoy ourselves by taking our time up there.  Instead we spent the day walking about the Zoo.  ZOO-map-3

Neither of us had been there in over 20 years.  To say they have done a tad of improvements would be understating.  AND bonus Calvin enjoyed himself so much that he is now talking about making a return trip to his all time favourite zoo – SINGAPORE ZOO.  YESSS you have to love a trip to anywhere that gets Calvin thinking and talking about getting on a plane and going – HECK anywhere :).

So when we arrived at the zoo, the gates were just opening and so was everyone else with the same idea as us.  The car park was pretty much full within the 1st 10 minutes of the gate opening.  Not being the normal visitors we went the opposite direction to everyone else and enjoyed a mostly crowd free walk around the whole zoo.  It wasn’t until we neared to the “start” of the map that we started to see large groups of people.


It was a pretty good day to walk about the zoo, the sun was hidden behind clouds and every now and then a light mist of rain to cool everyone but not enough to make the walk around wet and uncomfortable – perfect for the viewing the animals.


Today, I have pretty much been in bed watching movies, sleeping and listening to the wind and rain outside.  Not as heavy or as nasty as our dear weather man was  preaching to anyone who was listening but enough to not want to venture out into the cold and wet outside.  Tomorrow I have the dentist YAY and I plan to try and get all the christmas shopping done – very late this year.  I haven’t even posted christmas cards :O.  Till tomorrow I guess :).



Day 28 of 30…


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