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Number 30

UnknownToday is the last day – we made it to 30 POSTS people! And what a day for day 30 to happen; after showering this morning, I slug-like come down the stairs to be awoken with coffee only to discover that there is no power!

Seeing that next door is happily making their coffee from the kitchen window I wave and start looking for my mobile phone to call the power company! Lucky for me Calvin mentioned that he smelt a burning smell at the front of the house this morning and I passed this on to the lovely faults lady – due to this we get a fast turn around YAY


As I type one tasty looking power linesman is outside replacing a fuse that blew out front.   But what a time to lose the power – only real thing that is painful is that I have no wifi and for some MAD reason I turned off the wifi thingie on my phone at the start of the month – I am VERY VERY low on data so I can’t even really hotspot off my phone 😦 THANK GOD my mac book was fully charged as it holds it’s power and should see me through this painful morning. I just know that as Calvin is reading this in his office at work with power and wifi and he is thinking two things –

1. 1st world problems then;

2. what sexy power lineman LOL


So sexy lineman while it is fun watching you work, PLEASE work faster.  I need to upload this post and check stuff on Pinterest, otherwise I will have to go to ‘westie’ day care AKA the mall and spend some of Calvin’s well earned money!  *Calvin faints in office*

SO once the power is restored I will upload this and sign off from my 30 day challenge and prep for the next wave of madness – the 365 day Instagram challenge (over at our mabelandcalvin Instagram page ) that will start on the 1st January 2015!


Day 30 of 30 – the END


5 thoughts on “Number 30”

  1. The next 30 posts will be just as easy or easier. 🙂 In fact you could whip up 30 posts now and schedule them for the next 30 days and won’t have to worry about power outages. 🙂 More time for coffee breaks.

  2. Well done on your thirty, I did a non-fattening advent calendar a few years ago and managed every day. I’m no where near as disciplined in my posting now and very seldom manage to string more than a few posts together. 🙂

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