Hump Day Wednesday

What do you mean “what is Pinterest?”

My mate Kendall isn’t a…um… how do I put this?  She likes her rock and isn’t all that big on all that is social media.  Even though she does in fact take the time every day to read my blog – HI KENDALL 🙂 *WAVES*


Anyway, since she has of late, actually ventured out from under her rock (she’s even now on FB) I sent her a Pinterest invite – to my shock and horror I get a KiK back from her saying, simply “what is that?”  OMG PINTEREST is only the most awesome of awesomeness well at least that is what I say!  It’s just, well, um, AWESOME!


A place where you can look at what others have pinned, so you can well, re-pin and THEN actually never do anything with what you just pinned, well hardly ever.  I have to admit I in fact have made a few cakes and what not from recipes I have found on there.  OR you can look at where everyone is going – ok well most likely where people want to go, then find a neat photo of that place and then re-pin the really neat photo of someone else’s thinking that they will go, soon, in the near future 😕  But no, really it is an awesome place.


You can dream and look at all the really cool things people can make – with ease *COUGH* or cook and make sure professional looking *HA*, and re-pin to your heart content.  Saying all this (negative) stuff about Pinterest, I am actually a confirmed “pinner” I am on Pinterest most evenings looking repining, liking and making future plans of making this, going there, or trying that.

So to my friend Kendall – What is Pinterest?  It’s a place where you can add your dreams up on a digital board so one day on the off chance you will actually use one 🙂 WELL maybe 😉






7 thoughts on “What do you mean “what is Pinterest?””

  1. I hated pinterest forever, then one day this year I finally “got” it…much to the chagrin of my friends who see me pinning everything in sight 🙂

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