Yes…”free time” mmmm

Why is it that the more “free time” I have the less time I have to get my to-do list done?  Is it just that I am actually not following my list?  Or is it that I sit down to watch a little telly and nod off?  Either way I have been very slack and my daily to do lists are becoming so many they are getting to the point that I need to stabled together so that they are actually a weekly to-do list!


So far, I haven’t done any christmas cards (so my overseas friends are not getting any – sorry), haven’t done any shopping, haven’t put any christmas deco’s up and haven’t done any reading for next years classes (even though I have gotten books out of the library – and read one at least).

What is it when you are home alone and have no one to watch over you?  Do you become the lazy ass monster, you know that one that becomes the couch potato after so long?


How can I have gotten a week out from Christmas and done nothing?  Heavens to Betsy, what is the world coming too!  AND just to think I have until the 2nd of March 2015 OFF :O.


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