Because I’m HAPPY, like a room without a roof


Calvin knows how to make a girl feel loved and happy like a bopping cat 🙂

If you didn’t know I love my music, but HATE headphones.  Either they have wires that get in my way while I am dancing all around place (wherever I am – private or public lol) or they have those little bud thingies, which ALWAYS fall out of my little ears HATE HATE HATE!  So pretty much I avoid headphones unless I really need to use them.


My sweet boo brought me an awesome pair of bluetooth Bose headphones for Christmas 😀 .

Have to say, they are awesome!  Very easy to pair to my iMac, MacBook and also my Samsung Note 3, (I know funny I don’t have an iPhone) only problem is Calvin doesn’t have a pair now 😦

I so far have already watched a few movies with them and have to say, as far as I am aware I haven’t noticed any lag from picture to sound.  Ease to pair, and comes with a cute carry case, the only thing I could say that was a little negative about them is that the max sound, while loud could be a tad louder for my liking, when certain songs are on.  Mind you Calvin has pointed out that at times I sometimes have my music a wee bit louder than I should have – so maybe my future hearing will appreciate the limit 🙂

Anyway, my overall rating is four and a half stars (lost half for max sound) for the headphones and five stars for Calvin.  Hope Santa looked after you all and that you are all safe and well :), off to listen to some more music.




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