We all live in someone’s dream travel destination …

We, do – for example I now live in “Middle Earth” aka New Zealand.  I plot and plan every bit of spare time, to travel there and everywhere.  I read up of great traveling ideas and places others have been to, then quickly add to my ever growing list of places to see.  Today, as we were driving back of the Auckland Botanical Gardens; it hit me.  I actually live in a travel destination, yet I plan and plan to get away from it!  So this up and coming month (January that is) I am going to see what all the in coming travellers see, the ones that have added my place of birth to their ‘must see list’.  As I said we all live in someone’s dream travel destination.

2014-12-28 13.42.34-2

After we had finished our walk through the lovely gardens (which was only 30 minutes on the motorway from home BTW), I collected a few council booklets about my fine city and the surrounds, with plans to research AND to stay and explore my own back yard.  To which Calvin had a massive smile on his dial – no long road trips ahead – this is pretty much what I was reading from his face 😀 !

But it’s true, not all the time to we need to plan some massive and expensive travel to take over our spare time.  Just sometimes we need to remember that where we live other people wish they could visit.  Like the people who live and work in New York City, or Rome, London – the list of places is endless, they are all places that are on someones wish list, well that is unless you live there.  I have always said it’s not all about the place we visit, its more about the journey we take to get there.  While this is true and I still firmly believe in it, but who said that the journey needs to be long?  Well, sometimes it does lol.  Don’t get me wrong I will want to travel right up until I can not travel anymore – sorry Calvin 🙂 but sometimes we need to stop and see what is around us in our own back yard before to see other peoples :).  So over the next month the only travel plans that I have will be in the Auckland area – which is ever growing (thank GOD lol).  Tomorrow I will post the very last “I ❤ Monday’s” post for 2014.  Not to worry, as following Monday week – in 2015 I will continue that posting, as always every Monday morning.

30 mins from home :)
30 mins from home 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂


P.S Project 365 starts in….5 days (01/01/15) only on our instagram page (MabelandCalvin)



12 thoughts on “We all live in someone’s dream travel destination …”

  1. So true…We live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, ten minutes from Destin, Florida, a well known travel destination. Have I seen what everyone else yearns to see? Nope! My husband grew up here so he knows and has seen. It’s on my list, so he better be prepared to play tourist when he retires next year! 😉

    1. Oh playing tourist is the BEST! Yrs (maybe a decade) ago with a mate we pretended to only be able to speak French and was asking in very bad English for directions lol just as well Pippa spoke french because all I knew was WEE ha ha ha ha

  2. I think the images of New Zealand are beautiful.It’s the enormous trees I want to see. I don’t know that I’ll ever want to make the flight, though!
    I’ve seen a great deal of my own country. I get excited at the thought of traveling anywhere, but especially someplace “foreign.” It’s been so long!

  3. I live just a short bus ride away from Oxford, England.
    I’ve had a few friends visit from other places and taken them to the tourist, as well as non-tourist places.
    It’s a wonderful view when you look at your own stomping ground through a visitor’s eyes. 🙂

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