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How will I know if the world has ended?

Yesterday, as I was driving back from having lunch with Calvin my phone twitted at me.  Since I was driving, I was the responsible person and waited to read whom ever had twittered me at the next set of red lights.  To my shock and horror I was informed that I had been logged out of my twitter account and required to log back in?  OMG can it be after all these years I have finally been hacked :O NOOOOOO…

After unsuccessfully logging in 3 times I then noticed that it isn’t telling me that I have entered the incorrect password, it was stating that there was an error and please try back later.  After driving home and trying not to think the worst – as in hacked account!  I parked the car and tried again.  This time hitting the ‘forgot my password” button.  With this a sigh of relief passed over me – seeing the “twitter is down” logo made me feel a HEAP BETTER.


So from there, I do as everyone does these days and I googled some more and found that pretty much the rest of the twitter world was having the same issues – this got me thinking.  What happens if there is a Zombie uprising and I won’t be able to hear about it first on twitter OH MY GOD!  The world could end and I would be none the wiser, MY TWITTER FEED is down, how will I be kept informed!

From there, the above video popped back into my mind.  It was doing the rounds last month on my, mmm you guessed it, my FB feed.  YES YES I know, I am online a bit, but unlike some people I know, my phone can go flat without me getting distressed over it.  I even turn my phone off in the evening now and instead of reading whatever on my laptop; I read a good old fashioned paper page turning book, or sit and on the rare occasion, watch the TV with Calvin.

Yes I blog and have Twitter, Facebook and even an Instagram account – the works.  But I don’t lose sight of what is really happening around me.  I know that my real world is one that I can touch, smell and one which I can lose just like that if I am not playing attention to it. So with this and the knowledge that the Zombie uprise is not in fact happening (yet), I am about to sign off for the day from all my accounts and go enjoy the sun while it is out and dip my toes into the water down by the beach behind my house.

HEY don’t get me wrong, I am not saying sign off forever just sign off to take the time to see the world you are actually living in – hug someone and tell them you love them or just go sit under a tree and enjoy the fresh air.


Chat tomorrow people – signing off for now… and stepping outside 🙂



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