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Like falling off the face of the earth…

Like falling off the face of the earth… well the blog-world at least.  But I have returned.  No reason for my disappearance, just that I had a week off from posting and just busy messing around in the fresh air (while it lasts – anyone who has been to NZ will understand).

opps I tripped and fell :O


Actually the weather here has been outstanding!  Nice and sunny no rain – AWESOME.  Not a lot to update you with.  Oh other than Calvin has to go on a work related road trip around the North Island of New Zealand and that I am working on tagging along as the co-pilot *insert evil grin*

Also that I have started my project 365 AND have a few other bloggers joining me as well which is GREAT NEWS.  Not a Punk Rocker did a post about her project and from there more bloggers have started as well.  NOT too late to start – if you do PLEASE add a link to your project 365 below so we can follow you as well – I am only posting on my Instagram page (an nowhere else).

Other than that all as normal as it can be in my little world – still plotting to take over one day… but that is my 10 year plan so I have a little time to perfect things 🙂


Hope you are all well, better be off and catch up on what everyone has been posting about since I have been MIA.

Chat Monday – have a nice weekend everyone.





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