the hump has arrived :O

Not only is today hump-day Wednesday here on this side of the world BUT it is also the hump of my summer vacation from university!  I only 45 more days off before I return to classes.  To tell you the truth I am actually ready to go back!  Way too much time off if you ask me – and coming from me that is saying something!  Next year I think I might do summer school just to help deal with my boredom.



I don’t know how the younglings do it – it is so much time off!  Surely they could lessen the time off increase the time at school – so the overall time to complete whatever you are doing is faster?  OH well just more time for me to sit and ponder.

So yesterday, I pulled out most of my camera gear – dusted it off and gave things a clean up.  Calvin has to take a road trip around all the branches of the company he works for – a meet and greet I guess you could say.  Since I am off at the moment I didn’t need to be asked twice if I wanted to tag along.  And since he wants to arrive in the town’s nice and early – perfect time to get early morning landscape shots of New Zealand rolling hills, sheep and hopefully fog.  Perfect road tripping conditions – on the road either early in the morning or late in the evening.  I don’t get to plan anything – MASSIVE change for me but at least I get back on the road again.


It has taken a little while to get Calvin to set the date in concrete, but as I was typing I heard from Calvin and he let me know that we are setting off the last week of the month.  I wonder if it had something to do with the text I sent him a few days ago?

2015-01-06 22.03.56

Hint or bomb HELL they really are one and the same when it comes to messages between a husband and wife.  But the overall result was AWESOME so I can’t bitch aka NAG too much now can I?  WOOHOO.  Also, one can’t complain I suppose since the road trip is actually being paid for by someone else other that us – you have to LOVE those trips!!!

Anyways – hope you are all fit and well chat Thursday 🙂



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