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not my normal post but I just had too tell you!

I know I normally post a wordless photo of my week on Monday’s but I just have to tell you all about our stay last night.  In all my years of travelling around the globe I have NEVER given any place a “1 star” rating EVER!  UNTIL this morning that is.

We arrived in Wellington yesterday afternoon for (Calvin’s) business meetings (this morning)  since we had only been in Wellington a few months ago and Calvin’s meetings were in the Hutt Valley we decided not to stay in the city (big mistake) and instead stayed in the Valley (the Lower Hutt).  After a Trip Advisor search of the area (as you do) we found a lovely sounding place called the “Silverstream Retreat” full of history being a refurbished 1940’s US military hospital it sounded the place.

The bells should of been ringing after speaking to the receptionist – when we asked what the bed size was she told us a double, after asking if there was a bigger bed – like at least a queen she replies what a king isn’t big enough?  OKKKK you just said a double – “oh silly me I had a mind fart”  YEP she said that on the phone to us lol.  When we finally arrived at 2pm (you know the normal check in time) the reception is all locked up and not a soul in sight.  SO we used the call button and was greeted with “OH you are here already?”  So sorry we arrived the time we said we would.

After checking in – asked for a late check out and was told at the latest 11am or we would be charged again we followed the directions the receptionist gave us – then gave up on those and followed the map I grabbed as I was walking out.  This on a whole isn’t enough for a low rating – this isn’t something new – often places hire idiots, they normally take the lower rate – you get that and we handle it.  BUT WAIT there is MORE!

We were given the “Executive Suite #1” sound big doesn’t it?  NOPE while not the smallest room we have ever stayed in – it is on the list.  Still this wouldn’t be enough for me to rate only 1 star… at this stage I’m at a 3 which is only 1 lower than Trip Advisor – no biggie.

As we were looking around I noticed blood on the bed cover – YUCK but it happens.  We are very understanding quests it takes something BIG to upset us… so we just pull it off the bed and pull back the sheets to see if there is any other nasty’s to surprise us – none so we move on.

After making a cup of tea we discover the kettle doesn’t fit under the tap – had to use a cup to fill but you get that as well…

After spending the day (a Sunday I might add) out in Hutt Central we returned about 9pm only to discover that the second level of the block we were staying in had some sort of church group singing clapping banging drums and what not… OH LORDY.

Well we just turned the TV on and louder than we normally would – its not like they are going to be singing that late now is it??  HOW FRIGGING WRONG WERE WE!!!!

By 10:30pm we called the reception – no answer.  Notice in the info booklet a number to call if reception doesn’t answer – mmmm so they know the receptionist doesn’t like to do her job then?  After 3 hang ups someone FINALLY answers and is shocked to hear the group is still singing and informs us they will sort it.  We are happy with this – at this stage I STILL wouldn’t give the place only 1 star – I am a very understanding person – stuff happens… right?

BUT after another 30mins of hearing the Lord is Great brain washing singing and banging feet on the floor above my head – well thats just taking the piss!!!!!!

Calling the man again – yep another 3 hang ups before he answers the phone – he informs us that he did go down and the singers laughed at him when he asked them to stop, THEN told us that the God’s word was awesome and we should just enjoy the pleasant singing and open up a little.

Calvin informed him that if he couldn’t handle a few born agains that we could call the police to see what they could do!

Funny that seemed to work as about another 2 songs later SILENCE

At this stage 11pm I am very much over the place on a whole but I am a nice person – and I am still not at 1 star, maybe 2…

The next morning when we check out, not one person asked us about our stay, if we enjoyed our stay blah blah – you know all the normal small talk a place does as you are checking out – just hand over the key cards and bye.  MIGHT add the reception was AGAIN all locked up but there was someone sitting at the desk and we had to knock – they walked up to the door unlocked it and WALKED AWAY so we had to wait for them to return a few minutes later – BANG ONE STAR!  There is only so much a person can take when they are paying for it!

So if your in the area – my advice DONT STAY HERE!!!

Unless your into Rosemary’s Baby type singing at 11pm that is :O which is what Calvin and I while joking about as we were listening to the odd chanting above us at 11pm –  what church group sings that late?  REALLY




just as an after thought this place even beats the time we had to stop due to a blizzard in America and we stopped at a “Bates Motel”


14 thoughts on “not my normal post but I just had too tell you!”

  1. Wow!

    The blood on the bed cover took me back to my husband’s one and only business trip since we’ve been together. The place was so nice in the front, from the outside, but completely trashed when you got to the rooms. And there was blood smeared all over the walls. He called me and said it looked like a crime scene.

    I looked it up online and the reviews had me terrified. Blood-smeared was a going theme, as was locks that don’t work. But they had remodeled the entrance, AND the pictures on their website, so it looked very nice.

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