Why oh why do I keep on doing it?

Really, every time I say to myself “that is the last time I watch a scary movie by myself” – weeks later I am yet again watching a scary movie – OH BY MYSELF!

Scene from the movie “The Conjuring”


This one was AWESOME – very much on the lines of vintage horror without the B-Grade element to it.  I have just finished watching “The Conjuring”.  Pretty much a story on the line of “The Amityville Horror” (the original movie not the remake).  Actually the paranormal investigators are the same for both (The Warrens)

Crime scene photo from the De Feo murders (that well started it all in Amityville)

I just love movies like this, that are “based on true stories”, no not because I believe that is what happened.  Just that it gives it that little more scary feel to it, you know that “hell this happened?!” feel to it.  Which in turn then makes me all that little more freaked out, so I start to look over my shoulder – heck if a movie isn’t ‘an over the shoulder look” movie, well then it just isn’t a horror movie then is it!

Makes it all that more scarier for me – and I do so LOVED to be scared by a movie.  Come on its the last thing that anyone wants to happen in a scary movie- to be laughing by what is happening on the screen.  It’s all about the heart racing moments for me – and why I end up watching scary movies over and over again by myself – I guess.

who’s there?

I had a quick look at what everyone was giving this movie – rating wise.  To my shock (AH and horror – pun intended) “The Conjuring” was given an overall 7 to 8 out of 10 from many different sites (like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB to name just two).  Normally horrors get turkey’s or at a push 2 stars – very rarely do they rate over 5 to 6 from these places.

If you are like myself and are into horror movies (that don’t make you laugh or are slasher movies – hate those as well) this is one to find.  It’s not about blood and gore – it’s all about freaking you out and making you think – is that true, could that happen?



Boo 😉


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