Tickety boo :)

As you know we have returned from our five day quickie roadie from around the North Island.  While poor Calvin worked the whole five days.  I had a relaxing 5 day break.  Taking photo’s, reading my book, and chatting to Annabel while Calvin was doing all the driving – work car you see he he he and so as I pointed out to Calvin, he should really do most if not all the driving (for a change)!

Out of the five days a wonderful four days were sunshine and blue skies – I do love it when the weather works out that way!

Anyway, this post is all about one of our tickety-boo gadgets that we use for our road tripping – this is fast becoming the best in my books, my battery tank/bank that my friend Annabel sent me for Christmas 🙂



I have to say this is now one of my fav’s to take on the road , and when I return to university in a few weeks this little baby is going to come so in handy – I am guessing that this will be one of my most used gadgets that I have.  And I do have a habit of collecting gadgets :/ just ask Calvin.

So the facts;

  1. It’s universal if you have a USB charger lead (and its small like a smartphone or tablet etc) then this can charge it.
  2. Charge time about 4 hours
  3. Nice and light (2.7oz or 75grams)
  4. It’s about the size of a large lighter – so fits nicely in your handbag and even a clutch
  5. Input/output is 5V/1A
  6. Awesome to travel with

I have found that this device doesn’t lose it charge very fast.  I charged this little device a good month and a half before actually being on the road and using it to charge my phone.  I found that it was fully charged with I required it.  If it did lose any of it’s charge this was not reflexed on the indictor light panel it has to let you know how much juice it has left (4 dots FULL 1 dot EMPTY – not rocket science).

Overall this little gadget does what it is meant too, easy to use and is not over the top in price (I just brought one for Calvin for under $20USD on Amazon – pity the shipping to New Zealand wasn’t as cheap).  If your asking me this is one to add to your fine collection of gadgets, it will get used and will come in handy when you least expect it too.

Gets 5 stars from me!


Hope you all have an awesome weekend (and in NZ an awesome LONG weekend) chat Monday for my weekly wordless photo post



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