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Well the end of an era has happened…finally

Yep it’s over.  I went out today to buy an updated travel guide book (an actual paper bound page turning BOOK people) for an up and coming trip that Calvin and I are taking in a few months.  The first book shop I went to – yes I still shop the old school way, you know where you go to a mall and walk around not flicking through websites.

window shopping never ages

Anyway the first shop I went to had maybe three Lonely Planet books for countries that no one visits (or even heard of) hence the reason they were still there (I guess).  Then the second, third and finally FOURTH shop, while having more books (then the first shop) AND in fact the country that I was looking for…

The books were at least half the size as the old out dated one I already had and WAY over priced.  I’m sorry but I simple draw the line paying $50.00 for a 200 page guide when the one I currently have is just short of 400! Especially since there is WAY more to see and do since the last time we were there!   In disgust I grabbed some sushi for dinner later and headed back home.

Not wanting to give up I started searching online and not to my surprise everything and MORE is on Pinterest and FREE!!!!!  I have to ask myself WHY have I continued buying these over priced guides – I must have been one of the last ones buying them. They only add to our luggage weight and as Calvin brings up over and over again I don’t actually look at them when we are away so why do I keep on wasting space AND money on them?


Well the end of the era has finally arrived!  The guides that I have I will keep, well for a while at least, but I won’t be updating or buying any new ones – its online information only from now on – and I dare say Pinterest will most likely be my 1st stop!




4 thoughts on “Well the end of an era has happened…finally”

  1. We had a lonely planet book to take to Barcelona with us.
    Yes, as you say it was probably over priced, but not being born of the technically savi generation, just a self taught Internet surfers, we found the book to be priceless. 🙂

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