SOMEONE once told me planning…

SOMEONE once told me planning killed the creative spirit!  No two ways about it, if you plan you’re not creative.

POO to SOMEONE I say.  

If you can’t plan for something how will you have time to create?  You will be forever chasing your own tail, trying to keep on top of things, the only thing that you will be awesome at creating is STRESS!


And I am all about little to NO stress in my life.  Only gives me even more greys that I neither like nor want!  Planning is all about creating more free time in your life, not killing the creative person inside you.  If you have to sort things out that you need to do through the day to get more time – DO it I say!

Personally for me all my planning only gives me more free time to sit and watch the clouds or listen to the ocean and the seagulls calling each other over head.  AND travel planning is just the same, well if you ask me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying time everything down to the last minute and have no room for play.  BUT having a rough guide of where you want to be on a certain day isn’t going to be that hard to sit down and work out.  Calvin is lucky – I LOVE to plan so he doesn’t have to lift a finger and a travel itinerary appears like magic – I even help him plan his business trips I am that fast doing them lol.  Calvin use to joke that if I had the space in my planner I would “plan to take a breath”, I have noticed that he is saying this less and less since he found that time management is a god send for his line of work :P.


When I am travel planning I work things out all topsy turvy – I first work out the travel time for the day we are leaving then the same for the day we return.  Then I “fill-in” the days in the middle.  This way I can work out if we need rest time or extra time for longer overseas trips etc and how much time we need to get from where we are leaving from to wherever we are returning to.  Trying to make the most of each lovely day away.  I also plan around places or things we know we want to see along the way, making sure we have time for the things that really matter to both Calvin and myself.  Doing it this way, I can work out if we get extra days to stay at places along the way or if we need more or less time during stages – this way we never miss out on anything.  Of course things happen – this one time we were pretty much snowed in at your hotel in New York, while that doesn’t seem like such a hardship – it COULD have been if I hadn’t of planned for a snow-day here and there for this trip.  SO all I had to do to make up for the extra time in New York was to cut the extra shopping day in Texas to make up for our schedule for our flight from LA two weeks later!

This might sound like “duh really that’s how you plan…” but you would be shocked to know how many times I hear “how to you get so much in for your trips?”  I have actually lost count at the times that I hear this.  So much that I decided to whip up this post – since I was only asked this question yesterday morning when I bumped in to an old mate while in the grocery shop… and I quote “saw your travels on FB WOW how do you fit it all in?” *sigh* I PLAN!


So plan – help your creative self explode from inside you – create that free time you know you so want :).



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