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I brought a plant YES ME!

Totally random and out of the blue, on my way home from lunch meeting with Calvin I stopped into the local nursery – who would have guessed I even knew where it was AND then I brought myself (and I guess Calvin) a plant.  Let me introduce you all to ‘Heather’ (yes I even name plants).

Meet Heather Fern
Met Heather Fern

If you didn’t already know I have ‘form’ as a plant killer.  I can’t even use the excuse that it is because we travel or that we were work-a-holics, as I have been a black thumb since my childhood – even to the point my mum use to ask me to NOT help her in the garden.  But since we aren’t on the road as much any more and I am, well really doing half the hours I use to do being that I have left work and I am now a full time university student – I should be able to keep Heather alive, in shape and hopefully growing!!!!


And while I don’t enjoy being in a garden and as such doing gardening – I do like and enjoy plants – well, until I kill them and they look all dry and nasty that is.  SO anyone out there good with plants and the whole keeping them alive thing?  If so tips of keeping Heather looking fresh and fit would be found with open arms (Heather will love you for the tips as well I am guessing).

I have popped Heather in a knock free area, loads of fresh air and natural light and I will have to pop back to the garden place to find a cute watering can so I don’t forget to actually put water on her. But other than that what else is there to do?  It can’t be rocket science?  OR is it and THAT is the reason I have killed so many plants over the years???   MMMMM…

Well I will keep you posted in a few months regarding the life (or death) of Heather and POST TIPS – I suck at this whole plant life thing!  REALLY I DO!!!



7 thoughts on “I brought a plant YES ME!”

  1. Oh, best of luck with Heather. I usually kill my plants, too, so I’m not sure you want advice from me. But the right amount of light and water should do the trick! Water, don’t forget the water.

  2. The spray bottle is a good idea. This plant is very, very beautiful – but difficult to keep alive. You cannot miss out on a single watering…it will crumble directly. Keep moist and spray her is my advice. I’m fairly good with plants, but this one I cannot manage…Good luck and thank you for the follow!

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