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So according to Fox News I am a Serial Killer :O

Calvin likes watching the US Fox News channel over his breakfast most mornings, this morning no different.  While I was sitting next to Calvin this morning – he watching Fox, me reading my over night messages (on my phone) while drinking my cup of tea, I hear one of the presenters on #Out Numbered state in jest “anyone that still hand writes notes is a serial killer”.  OMG my poor phone was nearly covered in my tea that I was drinking!


Give me a frigging break Fox News – what a completely stupid and LAME thing to say EVEN as a joke!  Which I hope it was just a sad presenter trying to be funny!  Attitudes like this is sadly why the New Zealand postal system is about to reduce the days of the week they deliver the post/mail/serial killer notes!  Because people are no longer sending personal mail; the only mail that is going out these days is BILLS and even most companies are now emailing even those!

Am I one of the few serial killing letter writers out there?  I write to a handful of my overseas dear friends each month.  YES I know by the time the letters arrive, if its important I would have either iMessage, emailed or heck if really urgent called them with what might be in the letters.  But come on, nothing beats getting something else in the mail other than a bill or in our case a postcard sent by ourselves to, well ourselves LOL (yes we do that as well).

2014-11-16 19.15.50

SO why mock people that still have the art of personal letter writing?  HELL mock people that still know how to hand write a note by referring them to a social outcast that normally has anti social behaviours and have a habit of knocking people off!!!

My view of Fox News was low before this but now it is rock bottom!  If they want to throw rocks they need to move from the glass house because there is a few things I could say about the bimbo looking female hosts they have for most of their shows or something about their fake hair, eye lashes and WAY to short dresses they are always wearing as well!  But that would be ranting or being mean and I wouldn’t globally label someone or a group of people =? it wouldn’t be “fair and BALANCED now would it!



24 thoughts on “So according to Fox News I am a Serial Killer :O”

  1. LOL! It would seem I am a serial killer too. I don’t watch Fox news, but from all I hear about it, I am surprised anyone does! I love handwriting. I write everyday, usual my journal or to do lists, but the kids and I enjoy passing notes too, and I LOVE writing letters when I have time. 🙂

      1. Enjoy! Keeps ‘ya sane. 🙂

        Did you know they won a court case saying that they don’t necessarily have to tell the truth? No kidding.

      2. It’s shocking. The news should be 100% the truth wouldn’t play over here we have truth in advertising laws they don’t even call fruit juice juice if it’s not 100% all fruit 😱

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