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Yep back into it again…

Well, the new school year has started once again, no more relaxing days looking for things to do.  Right back into things again running!  Once again my lecturers think that they are the only ones who have given out 50 pages of reading each week – once again they would be incorrect!  So much to read and so early as well.

2015-02-16 08.41.01
My “lite” reading for my sociology class :[

And I don’t know if you have ever opened ‘Capital Vol 1’ by Karl Marx before but if you have you will totally understand how confusing he is to read AND more importantly to actually understand – currently managing 1 of the 2.

Once I get back into the swing of things – like actually needing to be somewhere DOING something other than cloud watching I will get back into the swing of regular posting again.  At least there is one good this about my second year at university; these papers have no mid term tests YAY!

But I am still enjoying the challenge of being the *cough* mature person in the class, and this time I think even 2 of my current 4 lecturers may even be older than me this time round.  I have taken a computer science paper for this semester, pretty happy that I will be able to handle everything (other than the slight panic over reading that we are going to be learning programming) – so that is looking like the easy paper for this semester – well we will see I guess!

Anyway I have to get back to Mr. Marx – he really is doing my head in C-M-C I get but M-C-M only confused me!  GRRRRR…

So hoping to post more that once next week AND get back into reading everyones posts as well!



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