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Found: one lost duckie

I have returned.  Let me see what can I blame my absence on?

This little duckie has returned


  1. Cyclone Pam hit New Zealand … well it did but really where we are we just had heavy rain and a little wind – so while it did effect me getting the washing out it didn’t REALLY stop me from blogging
  2. University is taking up all my spare time and I barely have time to change my socks let alone sit and blog!  Well, can’t use that as an excuse as I don’t really wear socks :O and shockingly I am on top of all my school work – at this stage anyway!
  3. Alien’s popped in for a chat then we went for a short road trip in their car!  NOW wouldn’t that be a TRIP and a half!!
  4. My birthday celebrations lasted 2 weeks – nope only a day and I get to revisit that old mare again next year *JOY* lol
  5. I just didn’t feel like it!


Well, out of all those very valid arguments really only one stands out as the winner – FIVE it is then!  Sometimes I just don’t feel like blogging, still get ideas on what to chat about but when I log in to type I just don’t feel like continuing.  I don’t have block or anything – just don’t feel up to it.  Or as Calvin explains it – Mabel’s in her “Nothing” mood so keep clear!   Sometimes NOTHING really is just nothing.  There isn’t anything wrong I just don’t feel like it – so GO AWAY lol.

I don’t know if it’s the change in weather – summer is finally on it’s way out over this side of the world or just that every now and then I just don’t want to do anything or see anyone!  BUT I am back and I will give myself a slap on the face and get back into a routine of posting blogs and catching up on others blogs again and life will return to normal (as normal as I can get) again.  For I have come from under the warmth of my cosy blanket once more!

Hope to read what everyone has been up to soon!




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