April Fools

Today on this side of the world is April 1st – April Fools day.  Thank God I have the day off university – or do I!!!!  Nah I do 😛


Anyway I thought I would get a quickie post in before I have to settle down and write up an assignment on hostile negotiations which is due tomorrow *JOY*.  I was a little interested to where April fools actually started.  Shock horror – Europe from what I have been able to find on google.

Google Classic

The consensus from the online world says that it all began sometime in 1582, when France adopted the Gregorian calendar.  Before this time, New Year’s Day fell on March 25th rather than January 1st. Those who continued to celebrate the old New Year at the beginning of April were called “fools” by their early adopting contemporaries – see ‘hipsters’ have been around for a LONG time, we just can’t seem to get rid of them.  BUT were they fool?  If they were celebrating TWO New Year Days – who’s the fools?  In Scotland, April Fools’ Day is called Gowkie Day; a gowk is another name for the cuckoo, which is a common symbol of the fool in Scotland.  I kinda like where the Scotts are going there with that!

Since I live ALL the way over this side of the world and we get April 1st before everyone else – I get to see 2 days of jokes and pranks going online over the social media channels – I say this with a grumpy cat face – “you get fooled once a year?  YOU are complimenting yourself!  *YAY* not one day but TWO DAYS of lame jokes…

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy April Fools day – OH and today is this blog’s 2nd BIRTHDAY – only I would start a blog on April Fools Day – 2013





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