I <3 Monday's

I heart Mondays #15

Wouldn’t be Easter if it didn’t rain at least one day of the long weekend!

2015-04-05 12.16.03

Happy Easter everyone 🙂



15 thoughts on “I heart Mondays #15”

  1. We’re just coming into the warmer months here, Mabel Jane. You and I have the opposites going on dagnabbit. 😉 Your Easter was good, though, I hope, dear. Mine was good.

      1. We took a four-day getaway trip to our capital, Washington, D.C. We saw Neil Diamond in concert and spring cherry blossoms in bloom. It was a needed break from cold Syracuse, N.Y. 🙂

      2. Only been in DC once snowing and freezing cold. I would love to go back for the cherry blossom festival. NYC was the same snow and cold but loved the subway system there.

      3. That’s what we went for, Mabel Jane, the Cherry Blossom Festival. You should visit my blog sometime. I’ve done posts all week about our trip, lots of photos and stories about our trip, a video from the Neil Diamond concert.

        New York City has a great subway system. I was born in Brooklyn, in New York City, and lived there until after kindergarten, and then grew up on Long Island, and my grandparents lived in Brooklyn the whole time.

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