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I do believe an end of an era has arrived…

Yes, I do believe an end of an era has arrived!  The end of the long road trip for Calvin and myself!  NO NO NO I am not saying I have overcome my addiction for travel.  I am just saying that I or should I say we are over long road trips.  Where we are, (or really Calvin) has to pack/unload/repack/unload the car over and over again.  Must be an age thing LOL!

How it feels at times lol

The last few trips, while I have enjoyed being off and about they are becoming less and less enjoyable – and if we are not truly enjoying something why keep on at it.  The roads look the same no matter what country we are in or what condition the roads are in.  So I am thinking time for a change – to the SEA we go!!!  As Calvin said with one raised eyebrow  – you’re going to become a ‘Cruiser’ aren’t you!?!  YES Calvin I think that is my next travel addiction!  We are not cruise virgins and have done a cruise before – a few years back.  Sadly I don’t think that neither of us were in the correct frame of mind to set sea.  My father had just passed away some weeks beforehand and stupidly we decided to just take the trip anyway – thinking that it would be away to relax and take a break from the family events at the time.  How wrong were we!  I think the weather followed my mood – dark and stormy to the point where they closed the whole outside decks/world from us all.  SO VERY GLAD we had a balcony room!!  Long story short – when I walked off the boat I declared I would never walk back on a large boat again…

Famous last words!


AS we are stepping on again

So,we – well- I have decided again to see if the love boat scene is for us – Calvin will be fine, he is ex-navy.  I have booked a short taster test at the end of the year only 5 days/4nights.  Where we will be crossing over the Tasman to Australia – catch up time with our Aussie friends/family.  SO even if the love boat isn’t for us, we still have the catch up part to look forward too as well!

Let's hope NOT lol
Let’s hope NOT lol

This see’s me again with another countdown ticking over on my phone – I do love a good countdown!  And Calvin is looking forward to less car packing and unpacking!  I hope you all had a safe and lovely Easter break with your families and friends.  Chat soon – oh and I am once again on uni holidays (I do think there is way too many breaks!).  So there will be more posting over the next two weeks – you have been warned lol 🙂


11 thoughts on “I do believe an end of an era has arrived…”

  1. We love the cruises, Mabel Jane. The food, the entertainment, the great ports to tour, the food, the food, the food! Did I mention how great the food is? We took a seven-nighter around Hawaii that was fantastic. Better than puddle-jumping to four different islands. Norwegian was the liner, leaves and comes back out of Honolulu. Best one of them all so far. 🙂 Have a great countdown to the Auckland to Aussie with Ex-Navy Calvin, Mabel Jane. 😉

      1. That sounds like a great one. Karen and I want to go to Australia someday. We are thinking maybe a cruise would be the way to go once we get down there. It’s such a long way from the States, though, Mabel Jane. Have you and Calvin ever been to the States?

      2. You are very well traveled. I’m impressed. I wonder if I ever met you without knowing it … 🙂 Did you get to New York? I doubt that you made it to Syracuse.

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